Love Scanner Prank Free Android App

Cover art

Love scanner app is for Love Birds. Love scanner is a love test app, it analysiz the love between you and your love ones. Love scanner free app shows the percentage of love, that how much love accurs between couple.
By using a simple process test your love. Place your finger on the scanner button, scane your fingers and see the result of Love Scanner
Usually love birds want to know the love between them. Love test app show the love percentage, that how many percent love is.

   Love Scanner Prank- screenshot
Love test app is free for all android devices. It is a fun app for lovers. Download and use the love test real app and prank your friends, especially those friends who are in love with someone special. Prank them and have fun!
Love scanner app is not only specified for love birds, you can also use this app for your friends and family members. Check the love percentage. Prank them and have great fun!
• Love scanner is a free app for all android devices
• App tells the love percentage
• Use the app through a simple process
• Graphic quality is very good
• App shows the love only between boy and girl
• It is a fun app
• Download and enjoy!



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